"I even have the power to somehow suddenly inspire 'them' (non-Blacks) to begin using racial slang"

In answer to the Day 14 Question “Do you ever find yourself turning your race “up” or “down” depending on who you’re with?”

Yes, almost every day at work when I am in a meeting with executives.  Given that I am the first and only Black employee in myunit, I have the profound effect of causing heads to turn when “they” (non-Black executives) realize that the person to whom they were speaking on the phone is Black, cause massive “meeting confusion” and hysteria when they (mainly white folks) realize I am not there to take notes as their secretary but am indeed a “real” executive myself, and I even have the power to  somehow suddenly inspire “them” (non-Blacks) to begin using racial slang and giving high-fives during these executive meetings.  Hell — I’ve noticed that our CIO even changes the manner of his walk when he sees me — his walk begins to take a kind of staggered gate, dragging one foot behind him, and doing a pretty good imitation of “Huggie Bear” from the old Starsky & Hutch series.  Straight embarrassing.