BREAKING: Media Matters uncovers deep connections

Today Media Matters for America officially confirms the breaking, bombshell, news that the conservative blog has deep, shadowy connections with ACORN, the organizing group for low- and moderate-income communities.

As the post below illustrates in vivid detail, has clear ties with ACORN and it didn't take editor-in-chief Erick Erickson's rolodex to find them.

It goes something like this... is owned by Eagle Publishing which also owns the right-wing magazine Human Events, right-wing book slinger Regnery Publishing, and the Conservative Book Club.

Mike Krempasky is the co-founder of and continues to serve on its board of directors. In addition to serving on’s board, Krempasky works as an Executive Vice President at Edelman, a major public relations firm with long octopus-like tentacles stretching throughout the business, political and governmental world.

Click through and read the rest. It's really damning analysis. I don't think will survive this revelation.

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