This week I'm the guest editor at @RooftopComedy. Check out hilarious people, including ladies!


This week, I'm up on Rooftop Comedy as the guest editor. That means that last week, while you were stuffing your face full of innocent bird remains, I was watching a lot of standup comedy, looking for clips to help you laugh off the extra weight you put on by stuffing your face full of innocent bird remains.

All the clips I chose are on the site, but I wanted to offer a bit more as a decent web citizen. Below you'll find the names of all the comics I picked plus links to them in various places online (here's a Twitter list with 4 of the 7 comics). Enjoy, and thanks for supported (recorded) live comedy!

  1. Hannibal Buress: recently joined SNL as a writer & is one of my favorite comics. Myspace; Twitter; YouTube
  2. Alex Stone: first heard of him via Rooftop. Myspace
  3. Andy Erikson: first heard of her via Rooftop. Website; Twitter; YouTube; Facebook fan page
  4. Erin Jackson: met years ago at the Boston Comedy Festival. Website; Facebook fan page; Twitter; Youtube
  5. Ty Barnett: first heard of him via Rooftop. Website; Wikipedia; YouTube
  6. Lachlan Patterson: first heard of him via Rooftop. Myspace; Facebook Group; YouTube
  7. Kumail Nanjiani: first met at DC Comedy Festival. The Comic's Comic; Twitter; JUST DO THE HEROIN!
  8. W. Kamau Bell: late addition due to affirmative action. Website; Twitter; The W Kamau Bell Curve

Of course, these aren't the only funny folks I know. See more on my constantly expanding comedy list on Twitter.